Emilio Valerio

05 May 2023

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Los Alcarrizos cable car, among the most modern in the world for speed and power

On Monday morning, the President of the Republic Luis Abinader Corona inaugurated Line 2 of the Santo Domingo Cable Car in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos, two years after the start of its construction, thus fulfilling the schedule established for the development of this project, which began in February 2021, with a total investment of RD$6,697,930,464.54.


Jhael Isa, director of the Office of Special Projects of Urban and Interurban Mobility of the Presidency, the Cable Car of Los Alcarrizos is considered the most modern in the world at the moment.


"By its nature, this is the first urban mono-cable system that reaches a capacity of 4500 passengers per hour per direction, and the fastest of all, due to its 7 meters per second, which is equivalent to 25 kilometers per hour, thanks to the greater engine power and the larger cable diameter. This will allow it to make the 4.20 kilometer trip between the first and last station in just 15 minutes", he said.


Likewise, Isa recognized in his speech that during the administration of President Abinader, mobility projects have been considerably boosted, highlighting the government's will to change the way in which citizens move around.


"Three integrated bus corridors with 47 kilometers, 2 cable cars for a total of 8 km, 7 kilometers of subway, the expansion of capacity of Line 1 of the Metro and 13.3 kilometers of Monorail in Santiago. In short, a total of 75.3 kilometers of public transportation networks of quality and availability, which had not been seen in Dominican history, in the midst of an economic crisis and with social peace, this is a real transformation, it is a real effort to improve the quality of life of the people," said the mobility specialist.


The Santo Domingo Cable Car Line 2 in Los Alcarrizos has its own emergency generators that would allow it to operate independently and bring the cabins to the stations in the event of a national power failure.
in the event of a national power failure.


In the case of this system, it includes triple redundancy and a 2.5 megawatt emergency power plant AND the entire electrical system was designed from scratch to power the system.


All cable car systems in the world must be certified by international organizations that guarantee their safety levels. In this case, we have the certification of the French company Bureau Veritas, whose technicians supervised the project's operation process during the entire test period, granting us the corresponding permits to operate in accordance with international requirements.


The President's first ride on the Cable Car
Abinader boarded one of the cabins of the system at the first station in Los Alcarrizos accompanied by three community members of the municipality. Mrs. Ivonny Abreu Sánchez, accountant and community member, works actively in favor of the most needy in her community. Juan Mateo Valerio, teacher and Evaristo Angurria, plastic artist, native of Los Alcarrizos, who painted one of his murals at Los Americanos Station.


During the tour, the community members shared their testimonies with the President on how this transportation system will affect their daily lives and facilitate their living conditions.


They made a stop at the second station of the Las Toronjas system where the president and his companions were received by the deputies and mayors of the province of Santo Domingo West.

Source: El Día Newspaper

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