Construction of Santo Domingo Cable Car Line II



PROJECT LOCATION: Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo West

Project description

Design and construction of the second line of the Aerial Cable System for the Mass Public Transport of passengers in the city of Santo Domingo: "single cable type of cabins with detachable clamps, including engineering, supply, civil works and electromechanical assembly of the system, passenger stations and the readjustment of their surroundings".

Technical details of the project

Construction of access roads, sub-base pavement structure, base and concrete wearing course. Backfill in all stations and design and construction of these. Lifting of towers (pylons) and installation of electromechanical parts. Deep foundations by installation of piles poured in situ and driving of profiles for the stations and pylons of the transport system.

Construction of the Eastern Highway, Section II, Traffic Dist.


Manzanillo Power Land